First I.T. Outcome!

Just completed my first i.t. outcome so it was time to write a reflection… of course.





Strengths in my outcome I feel was my word cloud I created, I feel I added   something different to the poster, and also the map of Victoria. I was very   proud of my end product because I spent a lot of time working on it and it   was like my baby in a way.

My graphs, I had big ideas for them but I wasn’t sure about how to   create it, but over time my skills will grow and I will be confident using   excel. Also my traffic light chart could’ve been better, I wish I could’ve changed   the colour of the graph like around it to match better with the themes

I felt this was a taste of what a sort of job in it would be like, having   to validate data, deal with a large amount of data and everything, it was a   new experience. Also having a time limit was eye opening I had to properly think   out the project to get it done in time.  

I wish I had spent some more time on the excel part to make my graphs   better and maybe some better graphic  design   skills to make my poster look a little better. Like I was super proud of it   an all but I wish it could’ve been a little better



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