What are infographics?

Infographics are a visual representation of data and information in an easily understood way. they usually take complex ideas and represent them easily. they focus on the humans ability to understand information better when it is presented in a visual way, they focus on patterns in the data to get through the idea of the infographic. To create an infographic they use data visualisation, information design and information data.

Infographic Task

While creating an infographic I have been inspired by a few I have found online. There are different parts of some I wish to incorporate in the Water Watchers infographic as I feel they are what I want to convey in my infographic solution for Water Watchers.


Solution Statement

The Water Watchers Association of Victoria monitors the water available in Victoria and encourages good usage of water as it is a valuable resource in Australia.

A report released recently by the CSIRO and Bureau of meteorology provides a snapshot of how Australia’s weather has changed over the past 2 years. It shows that southeast Australia received a 15% decline in the late autumn and early winter rainfall since the mid–1990’s. In this climate of declining water supplies but growing population the importance of monitoring water usage and change is paramount to our future.

This infographic solution will show the change over the years of 2001-2012 of water in Melbourne’s major catchment areas and the variation which has occurred over the years from droughts. The data will be presented in an easily interpreted way which will catch the general publics attention about the water supplies of Victoria. It needs to include visual representations of the data, links to relevant websites and inform the water users of Victoria the reality of the water storage.


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