Hello, this week in I.T we are learning about Excel and how to use it, so part of this course was using to give us tutorials on Excel.

I have prepared a table about its strengths and weaknesses.




–            It gave you step by step instructions with   using Excel


–            I found the guy who was instructing, Dennis, somewhat   weird and condescending, but it may just be the sort of how to video format



–            It taught me some short cut things I didn’t know   before


–            Some of the things were quite easy and seem   like common knowledge about backspacing to change text.


–            It gave you real life examples of how the   program would be used which gives you perspective  


–            If you are a more of a hands on learning it wouldn’t   work for you, it would probably be better to have a person with you instructing   you instead of a virtual one.


–            I also liked the closed captions which I used   as it was easier to follow


–            The course is somewhat formal which I don’t enjoy   personally, no sense of humour


–            You can jump around the tutorials to see what   you want to learn about as they are titled appropriately


–            Lack of exercises to practice your new skills



This is a picture of the homepage

I also have found some articles about the disadvantages of online tutorials. But also some advantages.


This is how I feel about spreadsheets, SPREADSHEET ALL THE THINGS!

picture from here



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