Holiday Project

scrum chart silicon valley

After finishing outcome 3, which was a project management and website creation based outcome I have become inspired to become serious about coding and to try a bit harder than I have been. And now that it is the holidays I feel that now is a perfect time to perfect my coding and website development abilities.

I was also inspired by the show Silicon Valley to create a chart to manage my team better, which  I did and it was a master piece. The picture above is from the show and also after this project, if I am going to go into i.t. I am going to be Jared as I created the chart and thought it was awesome just like he did. Also I want to say how much I loved this show would definitely recommend.




Learning HTML

I finished my first course on Codecademy of HTML and CSS. I really enjoyed the course and doing the coding. So I thought of investigating the other HTML courses there are out there. I remembered Lynda from earlier in the year, so I checked out their courses on HTML.

I have analysed the efficiency and effectiveness of both courses


efficiency: It didn’t cost anything, it didn’t take much time and I could do it in my own time, and I felt that it was an enjoyable task and I felt it was more of a fun activity than a chore.

effectiveness: well I learnt HTML and CSS so it did its job, it was suitable because it taught me and allowed me to put the new skills into practice. It was accurate because I learnt the language.


efficiency: it costs money to have a membership, my school provides one to all the students. It takes quite a bit of time to watch all of the videos and to then get the certificate, but you can just the videos running on in the background and you get a certificate. There is quite a bit of effort if you sit and watch all the videos

effectiveness: I feel it wasn’t very suitable format for me  to learn code because you just watch a video and don’t get to actually code and see where you go wrong.

So in the end, I prefer the system that Codecademy has, and I like getting rewarded with badges


A Holiday Project

I have wanted to code for a while, since ive gotten into I.T., so I set out a project to do over the holidays, learn to code.

I have started a coding course online at CodeAcademy. So far so good, learning the basics, starting with HTML which i have learnt stands for HyperText Markup Language. I am so proud when finish a course of changing the colour of text, or changing the font. I feel very swaygg

Swatchmate Cube

Our assignment was to find a technology which we were excited about. I did some research on the internet and wasn’t finding anything, so I asked my dad for some guidance. He told me about a Kickstarter which is backed and got funded. So the technology I am excited about is the Swatchmate Cube. CUBE

It is from Melbourne, made by some engineering students from Melbourne university. So it is described as a “colour capturing cube”. it captures the colour off of any surface which you like and saves it to your phone or directly onto editing programs to be used. It was designed to capture inspirational moments you get while out. the cube is small and quite cute I gotta admit.

It should be avalible in June of this year. Cant wait to capture all of the colours


First Post of the Holidays

So four days into the school holidays I feel I should do a post about what we have done so far in the I.T. course. I feel the best way to do this is to highlight my favourite part of the course.


The part of the course which I was most interested in was the tour of the schools server room. I found it interesting because it gave me some perspective on how big the schools server is and the amount of people who use it and how we take it for granted ever day without knowing how much work goes on behind the scenes.

First I.T. Outcome!

Just completed my first i.t. outcome so it was time to write a reflection… of course.





Strengths in my outcome I feel was my word cloud I created, I feel I added   something different to the poster, and also the map of Victoria. I was very   proud of my end product because I spent a lot of time working on it and it   was like my baby in a way.

My graphs, I had big ideas for them but I wasn’t sure about how to   create it, but over time my skills will grow and I will be confident using   excel. Also my traffic light chart could’ve been better, I wish I could’ve changed   the colour of the graph like around it to match better with the themes

I felt this was a taste of what a sort of job in it would be like, having   to validate data, deal with a large amount of data and everything, it was a   new experience. Also having a time limit was eye opening I had to properly think   out the project to get it done in time.  

I wish I had spent some more time on the excel part to make my graphs   better and maybe some better graphic  design   skills to make my poster look a little better. Like I was super proud of it   an all but I wish it could’ve been a little better